tribute to text-mode games

Tribute to Text-Mode Games

Text-mode games, ASCII games, ANSI games, text-based games. No matter what you call them, we celebrate them here: fun, inventive, visually compelling games created by pioneering designers using only 16 colors and the 255 symbols in the IBM-extended ASCII character set.

The games featured here are shareware, written by various authors, that I have collected over the years. I still find these old DOS games fun to play, and it is my hope that as you stroll through our virtual museum, you’ll take a few moments to download, play, and admire these gems from a simpler time in computing.

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Welcome to the New!

Welcome to the new site! After more than ten years online, Tribute to Text-Mode Games has finally been given a facelift. Nothing too fancy—mainly just an improved navigation system, and more readable typography. All of the old content is still there, plus a few new features, such as the ability to leave comments on the games.

If you know of a cool text-mode game that is not in my collection, please let me know, and I’ll give it a mention on the News page. If you’re looking for a particular game that’s not here, post a detailed question on the FAQ, and maybe someone will be able to find it for you.