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Game Downloads

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I recommend that all of these games be run using the free DOSBox utility. That will solve any problems you might encounter with the games running too fast, or with the run-time error 200 bug. Mo'Slo is still available for download, however it has been deprecated in favor of DOSBox.

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ANSi Dude

ANSi Dude screen shot

An eye-popping text-mode extravaganza, ANSi Dude couples innovative gameplay features with the most advanced character graphics.

ASCII Invaders

ASCII Invaders screen shot

Keep watching the skies! Space Invaders joins the text-mode ranks with this new release. Move over Pong.

Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols screen shot

A special holiday season download, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!


Codebreaker screen shot

A text-mode game based on the classic board game Mastermind.


Insanity screen shot

If you have any affinity for mazes and labyrinths, this game deserves a look.

Islands of Danger

Islands of Danger screen shot

The yardstick against which all other text-mode games are measured. An absolute must-see!

Kingdom of Kroz

Kingdom of Kroz screen shot

One of the most famous text-mode games, Kroz launched the career of Scott Miller and Apogee software.

Mission Maze

Mission Maze screen shot

Go on a top secret operation for Mission Control to recover stolen objects from a hostile space station.

ML Crux

ML Crux screen shot

What do you get when you cross Tetris with Pipe Dreams? Download ML Crux and find out.

ML Loyd

ML Loyd screen shot

Take a stroll down memory lane with Bob Lancaster’s version of the gift shop favorite.

ML Yaht

ML Yaht screen shot

The famous game of chance with five dice. This is by far the best implementation I have seen.


Monopoly screen shot

An outstanding version of the Parker Brothers classic. You’ll be surprised how exciting this game can be!


Pente screen shot

Can you line up five colored stones in a row? It may sound easy, but this variant of Tic-Tac-Toe is not for the faint of heart.


Snipes! screen shot

Download a piece of computing history, the game that led to the creation of networking giant Novell Inc.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass screen shot

A colorful variation on checkers that will have you second- guessing yourself long into the night.


Tanks screen shot

Take command of your tank brigade, advance on an occupied city, and disarm a ticking time-bomb.

Tear Down the Wall

Tear Down the Wall screen shot

An addicting strategy game where the objective is to knock down a wall brick by brick.

Text Missile Command

Text Missile Command screen shot

The video arcade classic, revived in one of the most unusual uses of text-mode format I have seen.


ZZT screen shot

Possibly the most ambitious text-mode game ever written, ZZT still has a loyal following today.

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ZZT screen shot

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