tribute to text-mode games


Author: J. Michael Ambrosio



The object of Codebreaker is to guess a sequence of four colored pegs in ten tries or less, with only the cryptic feedback of white and black “key pegs” to guide you. This text-mode version of Mastermind is nicely done, with a complete on-line help system. There are even a few additional features, such as the timer and ten-color play, that were not in the original board game.

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  1. says:


    Thanks for your comment. For some reason it went in my spam queue, that’s why I did not see it until now. I’m glad you had fun with Codebreaker. I’m afraid there’s not much chance of it ever being updated. It’s been years since I tried to compile the source code, and I’m not even sure I could find it now.

  2. madmaxwell says:

    Nice job. Very well put together. I played for about an hour. I am a mastermind freak though. I think I would increase the amount of points subtracted from the total score for the rows used. Example change it from -15 points to say -20 or more. I have several games that scored higher with more guesses used, and that does not seem right. T limit that from happening as much simply increase the amount subtracted for each guess.