tribute to text-mode games


Author: Wizard Games



What do you get when you cross a vast, technicolor labyrinth, the Meaning of Life, obtuse riddles, and a Chocolate Fiend with a group of soccer-obsessed Scottish programmers?

If that sounds crazy to you, then you know why the game is called Insanity. But fear not, there is a method to the madness. And if you take the time to learn this game’s quirks, you’ll be rewarded with a gaming experience unlike any other.

Insanity is an absolute must for maze and labyrinth fans. The entire game is played out on a single, multi-screen field whose design is reminiscent of a hedge maze on steroids. It is worth the download just to marvel at the design, but if you get into it, you may enjoy the bizarre sense of humor. Just don’t take anything too seriously; remember, it is only a game … they’re not really trying to drive you insane, are they?

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