tribute to text-mode games

Kingdom of Kroz

Author: Scott Miller



Kingdom of Kroz has quite a legacy. It was an award-winner that stretched the limits of what could be done with text mode. It was one of the first shareware games to earn a substantial profit for its author, at a time when almost no shareware games earned money. Most importantly, it was the game that put 3D Realms on the map, the company that would go on to release such famous titles as Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein 3D.

Spend just a few minutes in the world of Kroz and you’ll see why the game earned such a lofty place in shareware history. It boasts twenty-five intricate, detailed levels that are the equal of any commercial offering. It has a vast library of sound effects. It is filled with mysterious objects that lend the thrill of discovery to the adventure. Most impressive are the two “side-ways” levels, something I have never seen before in a text-mode game. Most levels are of the traditional top-down design, but in these two, you move horizontally across a playing field where gravity is in effect. The effect is mesmerizing, and truly unique.

Whether you’re a text-mode buff, an Apogee Software fan, or just a fan of great games in general, Kingdom of Kroz is a must-see.


There is now an online version of Kroz, created with input from Scott Miller and featuring 18 all new levels. I did not get very far in the game, but from what I saw it is a very nice implementation and worth checking out.