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Mission Maze

Author: William Soleau



Mission Maze was one of Soleau Software’s earliest efforts, and it still holds up well today. You play the role of a special agent sent to recover top-secret objects that have been stolen from Mission Control. While enemy sensors seek to entrap you, time and oxygen is running out, and you must gather up whatever TNT you can find, blast through walls, and make your way to the hidden objects.

One thing I really like about Mission Maze is the way the mood changes as you descend deeper and deeper into the enemy space station. There are six levels, each with a darker color scheme than the last, and increasingly difficult challenges to overcome. You definitely start to feel a sense of isolation and foreboding on the last few levels! Since each floor is randomly generated, the game is highly re-playable. That’s a good thing, because if you ever do make it through all six levels, you’ll want to do it all over again.

And be sure to check out the Soleau Software web site. Bill Soleau is known for producing high-quality, non-violent puzzle and stategy games, and his site has over fifty original titles available for download.