tribute to text-mode games

ML Loyd

Author: Bob Lancaster



OK, you know the drill: you’re twelve years old, and you are sitting in the back seat of your parents’ car, driving home from some overpriced tourist trap. While Dad broods over how much money he just spent, Mom launches into another boring rendition of the license plate game, and your annoying kid sister starts whining about how she needs to use the bathroom. But you are only vaguely aware of these things, because you are enthralled with this little plastic sliding puzzle that you picked up for a quarter on your way out of the last gift shop. How hard can it be to get those fifteen numbered tiles in order, you wonder? But for some strange reason, the puzzle is much more intriguing than it should be, and before you know it you are pulling into your driveway just as the last tile slides into place.

Bob Lancaster must have had an experience like this, and he has managed to capture it in this computer edition called ML Loyd. Download it today, and you may find yourself reliving a childhood memory or two just like I did. License plate game and annoying kid sister not included.


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