tribute to text-mode games

ML Yaht

Author: Bob Lancaster



I suspect that this game needs no introduction; just about everyone must have played a round of Yahtzee at one time or another. If you haven’t played it, never fear, the rules are simple: you get a scorecard, five dice, and three chances to roll them. Your objective is to fill in the scorecard so as to arrive at the highest possible point total. The game is easy, relaxing and a bit addicting.

This particular implementation, MicroLink Yaht, is nicely done, and a fine example of colorful text-mode design. If your bored with Solitaire, or looking for something to pass a few hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this is your pick.

Be sure to read Bob Lancaster’s feature article about the development of the MicroLink games!

Bob has been kind enough to send me the entire MicroLink collection for inclusion on this site. Two of the games now have their own pages: ML Crux and ML Loyd. The other three are available here.

ML Shut the Box – dice game.
ML Push Your Luck – dice game.
ML Otra – Simon-like memory game.


  1. Bazza says:

    Excellent version of the game