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Tear Down the Wall

Author: Chet Langin



Tear Down the Wall appeals to the destructive impulse in all of us. Who hasn’t seen a tower built from playing cards and secretly wished that they could pluck out a card or two, to see what would happen? Tear Down the Wall gives you the opportunity. Zero in on a brick and zap it with a click of the mouse, then watch as a section of the wall comes tumbling down. Just how much of the wall is that brick supporting? Calculate correctly and watch your points stack up as the mortar crumbles. Guess wrong and suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of the computer.

Tear Down the Wall is professionally done, with an extensive help system, mouse support, and sound effects. With an average playing time of under five minutes, it’s an addicting outlet for your frustrations.


  1. miklos harsszegi says:

    my favorite game all time,better than F1 2010